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Undergraduate students learning how to tattoo and tag beef cattle via a hands-on Livestock Management class
Undergraduate students learning how to tattoo and tag beef cattle via a hands-on Livestock Management class

About Our Program

While pursuing their AAS or BS degree, Animal Science students work with animals and learn the basic sciences of genetics, physiology, nutrition, health and behavior. Animal Scientists work with domestic animals and their products of meat, milk, eggs and fiber, as well as the companion animals, such as horses, cats and dogs. Graduates are prepared for national certification as Professional Animal Scientists.

In addition to teaching, faculty members in the Department of Animal Science conduct research and provide public service to the citizens and industry of Connecticut. Animal Science research programs are vibrant and exciting with support from state, federal and industrial sources. Quality of instruction and counseling is considered among the best in the nation. Most Departmental classes are small, providing an excellent faculty to student ratio.

All of the department's animal and teaching facilities are within walking distance of campus!
It is the department's goal to provide each Animal Science major with a challenging and well-rounded education, including the opportunity for "hands-on learning". Over 60 undergraduate students are employed by the Department each year to care for our animals or their products. Furthermore, our faculty work cooperatively with many other faculty across the Storrs campus; at the UConn Health Center; at the Yale School of Medicine, and at other U.S. campuses and agencies, providing truly exciting opportunities for Animal Science majors while studying here. Students may participate in Professional Internships, the University Honors Program and in a variety of extracurricular activities. Opportunities also exist for student participation in International Internships for a summer, a semester or an entire year.

4-year Program - Bachelor's of Animal Science (BS)
Areas of Interest

Animal Science students enrolled in the BS program may choose to specialize under one of six areas. Together with their advisor, students may tailor any of these areas to emphasize their specific interest in dairy, poultry, livestock, equine, companion animals, food products or other specialties. Enrollment ranges from 340-360 students enrolled in the BS degree program.

ANSC Requirements and Sequence of Courses


  • List of Required Courses for BS
  • Example of Eight Semester Schedule
  • List of Recommended Courses for Each of Six Areas of Interest

ANSC Elective Courses Not Required

Prospective Transfer Students

The Department of Animal Science welcomes transfer student applicants and is here to help with the process! Many students transfer to our program throughout the year. Once you've been admitted, it is critical to work closely with your academic advisor to be sure you meet deadlines and program requirements for graduation! For more information visit our Prospective Transfer Student page.


A minor is available only to a matriculated student currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree. While not required for graduation, a minor provides an option for the student who wants an academic focus in addition to a major. Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a grade of C (2.0) grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor.

  • Animal Science
  • Dairy Management
  • Equine Business Management (offered by Agriculture and Resource Economics)
  • Food Science
  • Therapeutic Horsemanship Education

CAHNR Requirements and Sequence of Courses for Minors

Ratcliffe Hicks 2-year Program - Associate of Applied Science (AAS), (Ratcliffe Hicks Website)
Areas of Interest

Students in the Department of Animal Science can receive an AAS degree through the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture and the emphasis can be on horses, poultry, dairy cattle, livestock or animal products. Those who graduate with a "B" or above may transfer into the Department of Animal Science BS degree program. Students are assigned an academic advisor in the Department to assist in managing their Plan of Study and related concerns. In consultation with their advisor, students may select the Equine or the Dairy and Livestock Area of Interest. Enrollment ranges anywhere from 35-50 students enrolled in the animal science AAS degree program.