Curriculum for Animal Genetics and Regenerative Biology Area of Concentration

The courses listed below are those typically taken by students enrolled in the specified areas of concentration, and are provided to help guide you in planning your curriculum. Ultimately, the classes you select will be chosen through discussions with your major advisor and doctoral advisory committee, and subsequently listed on your Plan of Study. These courses may be deemed unnecessary due to previous training at other institutions.


Required Courses:

ANSC 5693     Graduate Presentation Skills

ANSC 5694     Animal Science Seminar (MS Students: one; PhD Students; two)

GRAD 5950     Thesis Research


Strongly Recommended Courses (or their equivalent):

ANSC 5262     Frontiers in Animal Embryo Biotechnology

ANSC 5601     Experimental Design in Animal Science OR PLSC 5150-Design

and Analysis of Agricultural Experiments

ANSC 5619     Signaling Pathways

MCB 5001       Biochemistry

MCB 5231       Developmental Biology

MCB 5427       Genetic Engineering and Functional Genomics

MCB 5449       Molecular Genetics


Participating Faculty: Drs. Fragomeni and Tian

Dr. Young Tang and two graduate students observe microscopic material via a microscope image on a computer screen (L); Dr. Xiuchun (Tian) pipetting with undergraduate student in laboratory (R)