Atul Walunj *

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Advisor: Dr. Abhinav Upadhyay


DVM, Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, 2017

MVSC, National Dairy Research Institute, 2019


Atul is an MS student in the final year of his program. He is a veterinarian from India specializing in animal physiology. A major focus of his MVSC studies was reproductive immunophysiology of dairy cows. Upon completing his Master’s degree, Atul worked as a lecturer at a veterinary school. His current research interests are poultry intestinal health, growth physiology, host microbiome, and nanotechnology. A particular focus of his research is improving poultry growth performance and alleviating poultry heat stress using novel nanotechnology-based systems. Additionally, he is interested in lab-based meat culture, poultry welfare, and livestock extension. Apart from science, Atul is also passionate about cooking and yoga.

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Atul Walunj
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