Chaoyu Zhai

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zhai obtained his PhD from Colorado State University, where he applied proteomic and metabolomic approaches with machine learning algorithms to explain and predict fresh meat quality variation resulting from preharvest and postharvest factors, such as breed, muscle type, noninfectious animal diseases, heat stress, feeding system, feed additives, and storage time. He also investigated the interaction between lipid peroxidation products and enzymes ruling meat color stability and tenderization on the molecular level. He received his BS from the program of Food Science & Engineering at Shandong Agricultural University (China) in 2015, and he continued his MS focusing on meat biochemistry and muscle biology jointly at Shandong Agricultural University and the University of Kentucky from 2015 to 2018.

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Research Interests

  • Exploring unknown protein-metabolite interactions in postmortem skeletal muscle
  • Applying machine learning algorithms to identify unknown biochemical events governing fresh meat quality development
  • Mapping protein lipoxidation in skeletal muscle and fresh meat
  • Using artificial intelligence to explain protein functionality changes caused by covalent bonding
  • Understanding mitochondrial functionality dynamic responsible for fresh meat quality variation

Hobbies/Non-Academic Interests

  • Sport-related: Lifting weights, jumping rope, playing badminton, hiking, watching basketball/soccer/football
  • Food-related: Chinese hot pot, Texas barbecue, Cajun crawfish, and Mexican street taco
  • Others: non-thrilling movies, standup comedy, modern soul/American classical music
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