Kumar Venkitanarayanan

CAHNR Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Professor

Dr. Venkitanarayanan worked as a Veterinarian in India for a year before pursuing his MS in Veterinary Science. He also worked as an Assistant Professor (Veterinary Public Health) at the Kerala Agricultural University, India for a year. Before taking up his current position at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Venkitanarayanan worked at the Center for Food Safety and Quality Enhancement, University of Georgia, Griffin, Georgia as a Postdoctoral Research Associate for two years.


Classes Taught

ANSC 4642 Food Microbiology Laboratory
ANSC 4697W Undergraduate Honors Thesis Writing in Animal Science

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Research Interests

  • Understand the molecular mechanisms by which food-borne pathogens tolerate and survive adverse environmental stresses encountered in nature, foods, and in hosts.
  • Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms in foods using novel food-grade antimicrobials, and studying their mechanism of action.
  • Development of molecular methods for rapid detection of food-borne microorganisms.

Hobbies/Non-Academic Interests

  • Reading
  • Basketball
Kumar Venkitanarayanan
Contact Information
Office LocationGeorge White Bldg., Room 114 | Lab: Room 006