Sheep grazing outside on Horsebarn Hill

Production/Management Employment Opportunities

Production/Management graduates and Equine Science graduates must have technical, management and economic training to be successful in producing food and fiber more efficiently. Fewer, but larger firms will be involved in this highly competitive and exciting aspect of Animal Agriculture. Cooperative Education, professional internships and hands-on experiences, combined with formal classroom instruction, provide an excellent background to gain access into these industries.

Typical Employment Opportunities

  • Managers of Stud Farms/Livestock/Poultry Operations
  • Herdsperson/Artificial Insemination/Embryo Transfer
  • Manage Meat/Poultry/Egg/Milk Processing Plants
  • Manage Ranches/Farms/Feedlots
  • Manage Research Farms and Facilities
  • Laboratory Animal Management
  • Manage Livestock Sales/Distribution/Marketing Systems
  • Manage Training/Boarding Facilities
  • Direct Livestock Associations/Societies
  • Individual Proprietor