Student conducting research inside of a lab

Animal Biotechnology/Molecular Employment Opportunities

Animal Biotechnology/Molecular program provides preparation for employment in the academia and biotech industry. Prior graduates also sought training to join forces in the government to regulate the biotech industry. Students need to secure preparation in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, and research related courses. This program also prepares students to seek further training in graduate programs for agricultural biotechnology or biomedical research.

Typical Employment Opportunities

  • USDA, NIH, Government Agencies
    • Farm Service
    • Agriculture Research Service
    • Animal Health Inspection Service
  • Academic Research Labs/Centers
    • Animal Caretaker/Technician
    • Lab Manager
    • Research Assistant/Associate
  • Industrial Animal Research Facilities, Biotech/Pharmaceutical Research¬†and Development, Agriculture Companies
    • Animal caretaker/Technician,
    • Veterinary Technician
    • Research Assistant/Associate
    • Animal Research Facility Manager
    • Contractor
    • Lab Technician/Manager
  • Medical or Non-Profit Animal Research/Protection Organizations
    • Animal Caretaker
    • Veterinary Technician
    • Animal Educator
    • Research Assistant/Associate
  • IVF Industries
  • Agricultural Biotech Companies (Cattle Embryo/Sperm Production)
    • Genetic Breeding Specialist
    • Reproduction Service Specialist
    • Data Analyst
    • Farm Management Consultant
    • Artificial Insemination Technician
  • Food/Food Animal Production and Biotechnology Regulation- Legal Services