Annual Events and Club Activities

UConn Polo Team on horses (left), UConn Beef Cattle (middle left) at Little I Livestock Show, UConn western rider on horse (center right), UConn sheep at little I livesock show with blue ribbon


Event Date(s) - Spring 2023 Contact
ANSC Seminar Series January 20 - April 21, 2023 (Fridays) Dr. Rich Mancini
UConn Involvement Fair February 1, 2023  
Connecticut 4H Dairy and Beef Day March 11, 2023 Nancy Wilhelm
Connecticut 4H Goat Day Mary Margaret Smith
Connecticut Horse Symposium March 25, 2023 Dr. Jenifer Nadeau
Draft Horse Plow Match Dr. Jenifer Nadeau
Dressage Team Home Show(s) March 26, 2023 Melissa Tindall
Equestrian Team Home Show(s) February 11, 2023 Stan Siniarski
Lamb Sale - Block & Bridle Club Fundraiser  February  15 - April 1, 2023 Matthew Syrotiak
Horse Riding Practicum Lessons January 23 - April 28, 2023 Alena Meacham
Paws and Claws Canine 5K April 2, 2023 Paws and Claws Club
Pre-Vet Club Dog Wash Pre-Vet Club
Self-Guided Tours of the UConn Barns Virtual Horsebarn Hill Tour Virtual Barn Tour
Spring Horse Show - hosted by the UConn Department of Animal Science and Sigma Alpha April 22, 2023 Dr. Amy Safran
State 4-H Horse Program Hippology & Communication Contests Dr. Jenifer Nadeau
State 4-H Poultry Show Dr. Abhinav Upadhyay
UConn Bound Day for Admitted Students April 1 & April 15, 2023
UConn Compost Sale  Mary Kegler
UConn Dairy Show - hosted by UConn Dairy Club April 15, 2023 Mary Margaret Smith
UConn Polo Team Home Match(s) February 12, 18, and 25, 2023 Andrew Gale
Western Team Home Show(s) February 19, 2023 Jeremy Mimitz


Event Date(s) - Fall 2023 (TBD) Contact
ANSC Seminar Series Dr. Cindy Tian
Canine Cancer Walk- Pre-Vet Club Fundraiser Pre-Vet Club
Dairy Club Fundraiser- Cabot Cheese Dairy Club
Dog Wash- Pre-Vet Club Fundraiser Pre-Vet Club
Pawtoberfest Paws and Claws Club
Dressage Team Apparel Fundraiser Kansas Sienna
Dressage Team Home Show Melissa Tindall
Equestrian Team Home Show Stan Siniarski
Equestrian Team Yankee Candle Fundraiser Alena Meacham
Kielbasa Sale - Block & Bridle Club Fundraiser Block & Bridle Club
Horse Riding Practicum Alena Meacham
Little “I” Livestock Show Amy Safran
Fall Campus Visit Days - Prospective Students  


Sigma Alpha Sorority Fundraiser Sigma Alpha
UConn Beef Auction Mary Margaret Smith
UConn Women's Polo Matches Andrew Gale
Western Team Home Show Jeremy Mimitz
Wool Blanket Sales  



Event Date(s) - Winter 2023 (TBD) Contact
Winter Horse Riding Practicum Alena Meacham
Wool Blanket Sales Winter/Spring

Most events are free and open to the public!

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