Graduate and undergraduate students work at the bench in Dennis D'Amico's lab at the Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory on April 26, 2023. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Business/Service Employment Opportunities

The Business/Service Animal Science graduates will benefit greatly from Cooperative Education or professional internships as they work under the direction of an industry leader to gain practical experience, earn money and academic credit all at the same time. Internships may be conducted in any Animal Science based industry or firm either nationally or internationally. Some of these positions also require a MS degree. Within the next 10 years, students in this option will have an ever increasing number of employment opportunities available to them - largely because of commercialization of new ideas in biotechnology. Today there are more than 1,466 biotechnology companies in the U.S. of which more than 250 reside in New England, with approximately 38 in Connecticut. Nationally, a shortage of qualified Animal Science graduates is predicted. Graduates will provide a vital link between the work of the professional scientist and the needs of commercial industries involved in the production, processing, distribution and preparation of animal food products.

Typical Employment Opportunities

  • Dairy, Meat and Seafood Technical Assistants
  • Science Writer/Illustrator
  • Quality Control/Processing/Packing of Foods
  • Livestock Management Services
  • Breed Association Representative/Sales/Promotion
  • 4-H Education and Training
  • Milk/Feed/Food Testing Services
  • Humane Animal Care Services
  • Livestock Equipment Representative
  • Livestock Investment Firms
  • Product Application - Sales and Services
  • Inspection/Grading Services for Meat, Milk, Eggs & Wool
  • Directors Industry Service Organizations
  • Government Regulatory Agencies
  • Agriculture Journalist