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cattle eating silage


Dairy cows eating silage


mare standing beside foal


  • American Horse Rider - Answers to common questions about horse breeds, care, tack, and general riding and training questions
  • EquineNow - A great site to search for horses for sale, services, farms, tack, etc...
  • Equinet - Horse images, books, forums, and commercial products
  • The Horse.Com - An online guide to equine health care
  • Horsemanship 101
  • HorseQuest - The national equine resource team known as HorseQuest began collaborative work to provide clientele and other Internet visitors a source of reliable and up-to-date horse information through a knowledge base of commonly asked questions that have science-based, peer reviewed answers.
  • HorseWeb Links - General links to horse-related links on the internet
  • Photos of Horses - Stock Photography of thousands of pictures of horses. Great way to look up breeds or just admire world class photography.
  • WebPony Horse Search Engine - A search engine / directory for horse-related websites
ansc student feeding elephant during study abroad/internship

Internships/ Jobs

students presenting poultry during little i livestock show


sheep standing beside student during little i award ceremony


group of baby pigs enjoying the pigpen together