Rahat Ahmad Redoy

Hometown: Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Advisor: Dr. Elias Uddin


Md Rahat Ahmad Redoy, currently a PhD student at Dr Elias Uddin’s Lab, is deeply engaged in the field of ruminant nutrition and sustainability. His research is centered on innovative strategies to reduce enteric methane emissions from farm animals using various feed additives, along with tackling other on-farm greenhouse gas emissions. His scientific interests extend to multi-omics and microbial community analysis, aiming to unravel how these additives influence animal cellular metabolism and gut microbiota. Beyond his academic pursuits, Rahat is passionate about movies and graphic design.


  • BS (Animal Science), Bangladesh Agricultural University, 2016
  • MS (Ruminant Nutrition), Bangladesh Agricultural University, 2018

Courses Taught (TA)

  • ANSC 1111. Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feeding
Redoy, Rahat MD (200 x 200)
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